Problems communicate TX1 MIPI 4-lane interfaces


I used four LVDS cameras in my system.

I convert from four LVSD camera inputs into two 4-lane interfaces using ti DS90UB964.

ti DS90UB964 converts from 4 LVDS POC into two 2-4 lane data.

So when I send two 2-4 lane data to TX1, can you convert from one 4-lane interfaces into 2 LVSD camera datas in TX1?

You mean DS90UB964 can convert LVDS to CSI and then send into TX1, right? If so, why do you need convert CSI to LVDS then? TX1 can handle CSI data.


I use four LVDS Cameras in Automotive System.

so I receive 4 LVDS Cameta datas.

but Jetson Tx1 is able to MIMI interface.

Can Tx1 get two 4 lane MIPI?

This 4 lane MIPI has 2 Camera data. And Can I get SDK which classify 2 camera data?

TX1 can support up to three 4-lane MIPI camera.

Did you solve your problem?

No. We Changed platform. We did not this problem.

We did not solve this problem.