PVD cann't open .pxd2 file "the file is corrupted"


I’am working Unreal Engine 4.26.1 which embedded PhysX 3.4.0. I created PvdFileTransport by PxDefaultPvdFileTransportCreate.

However when i test the code on Windows, it saved pxd2 file successfully, but when i open the pxd2 file by Physx Visual Debugger(version 3.2018.04.23896843) , PVD says “the file is corrupted”.

The corrupted .pxd2 file has been uploaded in the attachment. Is there anything wrong with my code?

Any advice you could give would be much appreciated!

Pvd_20230717164302.pxd2 (16.8 MB)

I have loaded the attached pxd2 file into both PVD2 and PVD3 and both load the recording without problems.

I have attached screens to show what I see.

Is it possible that you have another instance of some software having a file lock on the file on your system?

As seen in PVD2

As seen in PVD3

Sometimes an instance of PVD is kept hanging in the background and has to be terminated manually using for example the Windows Task Manager.


Thanks for your replay.
I had reboot window system to ensure there isn’t any PVD instance in the background and open the .pxd2 file again, but it still failed with the same message.
My PVD version is 3.2018.04.23896843, which version did you used to load the attached .pxd file?
I found that the graphic driver manager Geforce Experience also installed some physx file, does it related to this pvd file issue?
Is there any pvd log file that can be used to locate this issue?

Mine is Version 3.2021.01.29532135

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You can get it from here : Gameworks Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

The new version works.
Thank you very much!!!

You’re very welcome :-) Always good to help! Could you close the thread/topic? I have no idea how to do it.

Ah say you flagged it as “solved”. Perfect thanks!

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