Python binding for Tensorrt in Pegasus


It seems that there’s no python binding for tensorrt in the default pre-flashed OS in Pegasus.
Is python binding available in any supported Driver OS version that is compatible with Pegasus?


Dear haoran.wang0gqpx,

TensorRT deployment should be in C++ on Drive AGX platform (no python support/binding)
For example for tensorRT example with C++ for Yolo v3
-. You need to use UFF path or ONNX path;
For UFF path, you will need to go through steps such as Darkent yolo.cfg / weights -> Yolo Keras to TF (available on public github) -> UFF with plugin (due to upsample) -> TRT engine.

For TensorRT python binding for yolov3, supposing you are working on x86 with TRT python binding supported,
It’s feasible using UFF, ONNX. Thanks.