TensorRT on Pegasus

I want to know what version of TensorRT is supported on Pegasus platform. Does it support TRT 7 ? What is the procedure to install it on Pegasus platform.

Dear @roshanchaudhari,
The latest DRIVE SW has TRT 5.1. TRT can be installed only via sdkmanager.

Do you mean that we can install TRT 7.0 using sdk manager? or we cannot upgrade over 5.1?

Dear @roshanchaudhari,
You can not just install/upgrade TRT on board. You need to flash the whole DRIVE SW on the board using sdkmanager.

Got it. Thanks.! Do you know when TRT 7 will be supported?

Dear @roshanchaudhari,
We do not have the firm release schedule of DRIVE SW yet. We will update you soon

Is there any existing utility/way to convert TRT 7 engine to TRT 6?
There are many missing layers in TRT 6 as compared to 7.

Dear @roshanchaudhari