[q] recorder tool cannot read storage_path ?


recorder tool by command line can record and save sensor data at current directory.
I added following part into rig json file:

    "rig": {
        "properties": {
                "storage_path": "/home/nvidia/mnt"
        "sensors": [

mnt is nfs mounted point.

recorder-tgui seems like recording something, but nothing left.
recorder-qtgui returns no storage list at setting and No disk at Recorder tab.

where should I check to resolve this ?


  • driveworks 1.5 I’m using

Dear ddpx2,

If the nas system has SSD1, SSD2, … under /home/nvidia/mnt/, could you please try to add SSD1 in the path like “storage_path”: “/home/nvidia/mnt/SSD1”? Thanks.


mnt, NFS mounted point, is somewhere on the other system’s directory not disk like SSD.
Should I use only EXT4 formatted disk here?

  • doc says ext4 formatted SSD/eSATA disks


with SSD disk installed at DAX developer system directly and mounted,
all recorder tools work pretty well on it.

However, installed on the remote host and nfs-mounted SSD cannot be visible as well.

Dear ddpx2,

Yes, please use the EXT4 file system to achieve the Maximum USB Throughput. Thanks.