Quadro 4000 Mac Appears As GF-100

Let me start this in its own thread since I received no response when included within an existing thread.

MacPro running Lion 10.7.2.

Quadro 4000 shows up as “GF-100” rather than as Quadro 4000. Net result is that DaVinci Resolve lite does not recognize their is a CUDA card in the computer nor does PremierePro CS5.5 recognize it for Mercury Playback hardware acceleration.

Attached is a screen shot from System Profiler.

Any ideas


Ned Soltz



I would say its an problem of the used apps, not the CUDA / OpenGL drivers itself.
The programm code of the apps may not be bugfree to check CUDA or not available.

Does CUDA-Z - an CUDA GPU info + test tool ]works ?
Also this tool/ app checks if CUDA device is available. Only if it also fails,
te CUDA driver install may failed.
If CUDA-Z works i would contact the support of that apps and report your problem there, because NVIDIA /Apple cant fix that.
CUDA-Z.zip (4.35 MB)

You are using a PC Quadro 4000 card. Needs to be Mac EFI or you need to install the separate 10.7.3 driver on 10.7.3 OS.