Quadro FX, Win 7 and a lot in between

Hi everybody,

I am having a long saga in my efforts to make my GPU program in parallel. I do not use my GPU for graphics of gaming, I bought it for parallel programming. But never thought it would be such a difficult task.

My system is:
Windows 7, 32 bit

Quadro FX 3700

Cuda Toolkit, Computing SDK 4.0
Visual Studio 2008

Exmaples ran but VS didn’t work for new projects!

Then tried:
Visual Studio 2010 Express
Same Problem!

Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate
Same Problem!

Thought it might be VS’ non-compatibility issue, so tried:


Then, I changed SDK to 4.1. I can execute kernels…finally. But, the simple vector multiplication code returns the same vector values that I insert in the function.

I tried C and then C++.

What can I do? Is there any platform which works with CUDA on my system? Please, save my life. :)