Question about tegra-pmc

Hi I have a question about tegra-pmc during booting

when I chekc dmes log of boot, I found sometimes the pmc reset source is “SYS_RESET_N”, sometimes is “MAINSWRST”

when/what will trigger “SYS_RESET_N”? and when it will trigger “MAINSWRST”?

because my NX device have some problem during “MAINSWRST” condition. so I need to keep system boot with “SYS_RESET_N” mode,

my l4t version is 35.1
below is the screenshot of the difference

SYS_RESET_N is reset for PMIC and SoC, which triggered by hardware (e.g. reset button, power on button).
MAINSWRST is reset for SoC only, which triggered by software. (e.g. system reboot)

What problem do you have with “MAINSWRST” condition?

You can refer to the following message from Product Design Guide:
System Reset: Connected to NRST_IO of PMIC. Bidirectional reset driven from PMIC to carrier board for devices requiring full system reset. Can also be driven from carrier board to module to initiate full system reset (including PMIC) (i.e. From RESET button). 1kΩ pull-up to 1.8V is present on the module.

ok thanks Kevin,

I will try do some modification on my baord,

Best Regards,

problem is the USB bulk cannot startup sometimes
maybe it’s related to this MAINSWRST, because I didn’t use reboot command
I wil check it

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