(R)STP in MLAG-setup


I want to use Mellanox SN2100 Switches as core devices in a MLAG-Setup.

As I need to use Spanning-Tree for the rest of my network, I want to use the MLAG-pair as root Bridge.

Is this possible? How does the pair handle this? I saw, that other vendors create a virtual MAC which is used for the BPDU-packages. Is Mellanox able to handle this?

I know, that I have to disable STP on the IPL, but the tutorials always recommend to disable STP globally which is not possible for me.

Thank you for your help




Currently MLNX-OS MLAG can’t do spanning-tree (share virtual MAC for BPDS), if you will enable STP each switch will use it’s own physical mac for BPDUs.

you will need to design the network such that it will be Loop free where the connection of the MLAG switches to the rest of the switched network