Random motion of Vehicle

Hello Everyone,
I am new to Isaac sim and I was trying to make a random movement of this Wheel-loader as the beginning step and then implement a python script to move it but later on.

current state I did vehicle physics and I defined the wheels and the chassis of the loader and I can move it using the keypad arrows

Do you have any issues?

Hello ,
Thanks for replying, Yes i have issues to make the car follow a trajectory, is there anyway to make it move without using keyboard inputs ?

you can write a python script or extension

Thanks for replying i will try it


i got some codes from the demo scenes extension but when I modify them for my object and hit run doesn’t work. is there any other method to put my python code to my object instead of using the python editor?

you can use omnigraph

Is it possible to plug in my code inside the omnigraph or only connect some boxes and give some values ? And if you can give me an example for vehicle with 4 wheels will be thankful really


i still having issues any help, please?

hello, @smohamed, can you explain in more details what you’ve got so far and what kind of issues you are facing?

In reply to other messages, you can have your custom omnigraph nodes, and also interact with omnigraph nodes through code.

please share more details of your implementation so we can better guide you in the right direction

First, thank you for replying to me, I attached an omnigraph of my PhysX vehicle, and here is the explanation I am trying to move the drive wheel to a specific speed for example 10 max velocity and use steering to reach a specific X, and Y inside my environment but right now I got an error when I use articulation controller

i hope I explain everything clearly now :)

THe problem on this setup is that you are tryting to control the physx vehicle using Articulation drives. You need to pick one simulation model and stick to it. If you are using the physx vehicle API

Take a look at this documentation to learn more.

Otherwise check how to build and control articulations