Reading Houdini Attributes Into Omniverse

Hello Omniverse crew. Been enjoying testing out renders and visualizations since release, but have still been held up by reading in Houdini/object attributes into Omni Create. Maybe I am missing some written material on it, how could I go about reading custom object attributes into an omni pbr shader? Thank you for your help!

Hi brendan.prednis,

Thanks for your interest. I’ll run this by the devs and get you an answer.

Hey Brendan,

Houdini can encode properties into USD using LOPs. Properties generated with SOPs can be brought into LOPs using the “SOP Import”, “SOP Create” and “Scene Import” tools.
To inspect the raw USD output of a Houdini node, you can right-click and select “Show Flattened Stage”, or you can inspect the USD Layer with Houdini’s stage inspectors.

After exporting, Omniverse Create can read any USD property in the “Details” panel.

The full Houdini Solaris documentation is available here.

Thank you Omer and thank you aminx, really appreciate you guiding me in the right direction here!