Reading image from sensor with builtin HDR combination


I’m developing a driver for IMX image sensor with dual-gain builtin HDR combination. So, the HDR image is already combined inside the image sensor, but the readout signal is not as non-hdr frame, where there are two XHS signals instead of one. Please see picture.

This looks similar to normal HDR with interleaved lines, but the first one is blank.

How can I configure the Jetson camera driver to correctly get the correct frame? I’m using Nano with JP 4.5.1. Thank you.

Did you try just configure as normal sensor?

Not yet. I’m now initializing driver development. Just want to clarify if any special setups are required since this is not normal signal.
I guess the device tree must have specials setting for this, since it is similar to HDR, but just drop the left image.

Current don’t have any configure for this kind of output.
But suppose you can try like normal sensor.

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