Realsense camera gives zoomed-in image


I have attached a realsense camera to franka hand. I used the realsesne asset from Isaac Assets. When I look at the camera feed, the output is very much zoomed-in. In the attached image, you can see that the camera facing downwards is at a considerable distance from the box and should ideally capture a wide area of the box. However, it only captures the screw.

I think the zoom phenomenon is due to incorrect parameter units. Nevertheless

, I would highly appreciate if you could help me.


@pgoenka i am just another user so take my input as a grain of salt. did you use the rsd455.usd specifically? here’s a blurb on creating camera sensor rigs just in case there there are useful information here that may be relavant -

Camera — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation (

i suspect it’s because of the extremely low aperture value you have on the camera’s horizontal aperture setting that’s causing the lack of depth/zoomed in perception.