Recomeded Pipeline for GMSL2 camera integration with YUV422 output

Hi all,

I am trying to integrate SONY ISX031C which can output YUV422. Initially, I wanted to use Isaac_ros_argus_camera to get the frames in ROS. The Libargus requires RAW output from the camera, so I couldn’t use the Isaac ROS driver. So I want to know the recommended pipeline to access this camera.

Has anyone faced a similar issue before?

Please share your suggestions!

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You can check the MMAPI sample code. Like 12_v4l2_camera_cuda/18_v4l2_camera_cuda_rgb instead of argus camera for YUV sensor.

nvidia@nvidia-desktop:/usr/src/jetson_multimedia_api/samples$ l
00_video_decode/    03_video_cuda_enc/  06_jpeg_decode/    09_argus_camera_jpeg/       12_v4l2_camera_cuda/    15_multivideo_encode/     18_v4l2_camera_cuda_rgb/
01_video_encode/    04_video_dec_trt/   07_video_convert/  10_argus_camera_recording/  13_argus_multi_camera/  16_multivideo_transcode/  backend/                  unittest_samples/
02_video_dec_cuda/  05_jpeg_encode/     08_video_dec_drm/  11_video_osd/               14_multivideo_decode/   17_frontend/              common/

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