Recommendation for USB to Ethernet for New Jetson TX2

Hi I am using the new Jetson TX2 that does not have a ethernet connector.
Can Anyone please suggest me which Usb to ethernet converter will work well if I intend to use internet through ethernet cable.


Hi @hitesh.pant21,

This should be posted in the Jetson TX2 category. I can move it over for you now.

Tom K

We don’t have such recommendation, I can see people just use it directly without issue.

I also don’t have any recommendation, but if you get one with a Realtek chipset, and that unit is known to work with a desktop PC Linux, then it is very likely it will “just work”. Other chipsets will also probably “just work” if they are common, but I think Realtek is the one available by default on just about every PC there is.

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