Removal of the thermal transfer plate (TTP)

We are looking to use multiple TX1 SOMs in a light-weight application. The combined weight of the TTPs is too heavy for our application and we are looking for any temperature or performance information with the plate removed.

Has anyone previously removed the TTP from the SOM?
What level of performance can be expected from the SOM with the TTP removed?

Our specific application involves capturing and encoding of a 22mp 24fps image stream. The raw image data will be converted to jpeg files.

I greatly appreciate any assistance.


Hi Nico,

Removal of the TTP invalidates the warranty. The module is designed to be operated with the TTP and all thermal analysis has been done on assembled units. Performance cannot be guaranteed without it. Without any heatsink you will not get much in the way of performance – if you really wish to do this then you will need to do the testing yourselves.