Render error: importing Cesium city model

There is no problem when I try to import any object into the create or view kit. However, I’m trying to import city model that I’ve created by Cesium SDK everything turns to red. Is there anybody who has an idea about this?

Hi, another forum post about the Omniverse Connector not properly exporting Cesium textures was created here. I think that the Cesium plugin is not creating texture assets in the traditional way so the Omniverse plugins aren’t able to export them properly.

Hi, I think so. As i know, plugins such as Arcgis SDK for unreal engine/unity or Cesium are gathering the required data from the online data source on real time and refreshing the scene with all different rendering angles. Therefore, they don’t keep texture information inside of the objects. I wonder if there is anything we can do to solve this?

Hi @Cagataykn! We are working closely with Cesium on the USD file format plugin for glTF which will allow Cesium files to be read as if they’re USD. I don’t know when this will be available, but you can always check our Omniverse Public Roadmap to see what we are working on for the next release.

Also, another forum post for reference: Issue exporting to USD with Cesium plug in