Repeated Shader Compliation upon Starup

I have checked related topics in the forum. However, deleting the cache folder does not work for me. Actually, my use case is that we have several users sharing one Isaac Sim installation, say, under a user named A. So for other users ~/.cache/ov/Kit does not exist at all. Deleting /home/A/.cache/ov/Kit does not prevent repeated shader compilation.

Therefore, I want to know, especially under the multi-user scenario:

  • What exactly is the condition for compiling the shader? From my experience, it is related to the DISPLAY variable when there are multiple users logged in via ssh. But I could not find a clear relationship.
  • Where does Omniverse store the shader cache if it is launched by another user?
  • How to avoid shader compilation in this case?

I am using Isaac Sim 2023.1.0-hotfix.1. The GPU driver version is 535.113.01.


Hi @btx0424 - Is this thread useful for you