Request to adopt a change I made to the pbr material


we have the problem, that we have a normal map and a detail normal map. But the detail normal map has to be used with a different uv-set. OmniPBR allows us to specify the uv-set for the normal map, but not to specify a different UV-Set for teh detail normal.

Si I have changed the OmniPBR to support a dedicated UV-set for detail normal maps. Would it be possible to adapt this change to the official OmniPBR material?

Here is the modified mdl file
XcalibuRPBR.mdl (12.1 KB)
XcalibuRPBR_ClearCoat.mdl (15.0 KB)
XcalibuRPBR_ClearCoat_Opacity.mdl (30.2 KB)
XcalibuRPBR_Opacity.mdl (15.5 KB)

Thanks Carl

Thanks for the MDLs @c.bickmeier! I’ll pass this along to the MDL team.

We’re planning to release a version of OmniPBR without texture maps, so that you can use the Material Editor to connect your own file_texture nodes with different texture_coordinates.

That sounds very good… but we create our materials through our own omniverse connector. So I hope this will be possible for us too…

Yes, OmniPBRBase would be in our core materials MDL path and then you can instantiate it like any other core material.

Have you tried setting MDL_SYSTEM_PATH or MDL_USER_PATH, and then creating your material?

def Shader "Shader" ()
   uniform asset info:mdl:sourceAsset = @XcalibuRPBR.mdl@
   uniform token info:mdl:sourceAsset:subIdentifier = "XcalibuRPBR"

Not shure if we are talking about the same thing. We are creating our material (based on XcalibuRPBR) throug the usd-api. You said, that with a newer base material we can specify textures including the uv-set that should be used through the graph. My question was: Will it be possible to create those materials through usd-api too? Because we cannot use omni graph in this case, because we have to build the materials dynamically…