[RESOLVED] DriveWorks on CPU?


I apologize in advance if this sounds like a dumb question. But I have got to know.

Does DriveWorks run only on GPU? Can I write an application with DriveWorks API calls that I can then run on, say, one of the Denver cores on a Drive PX 2?

Thank you in advance.

Dear sagar.kirtany,
If your question is about a switch mechanism where you want to run the functionality on CPU instead of GPU, then the answer is NO. Some DW API calls runs on GPU and some on CPU. So, It depends on which DW APIs you use in your application.

Thank you for the quick reply. From looking at the DW documentation, is it possible to quickly identify whether a particular API call will run on the CPU or the GPU?

Let me provide some background for you. Our team is planning to implement a non-neural net based object detection application on Drive PX 2. So we are going to have some sections of code that are sequential in nature, for which we plan to use the CPUs (Denvers + ARMs), while other sections of the code could be run in parallel, for which we plan to use the dGPUs. One of our major concerns is the inter-process communication and what DW can do to help with that. We could create our own source code to handle this, of course, but we were hoping that DW could help fulfill this need and allow us to field our application quickly. Do you know if this kind of thing is possible?

Dear sagar.kirtany,
It is not possible to know if an API call runs on CPU or GPU from documentation. Generally DNN related calls uses GPU. From my understanding in your use case, you can implement your own functions and can use dwImageStreamer to send frames to dGPU for processing.

Thank you for your answers. How do I mark this question as resolved?