Revit crashes when using the Connector

When I tried to change the Setting value in the Revit-Omniverse connector and clicked the Setting button, Revit suddenly shut down and a “Revit 2023.1 Error Report” window appeared after clicking the SAVE button. The error message says:

A software problem has caused Revit 2023.1 to close unexpectedly.
An error report has been generated. Please Click Send Report so that we can analyze the problem.

When I click “Export As Prop” without changing the Setting value, USD conversion works, but changing the Setting value is very important to me. What should I do?

@jaeyeon.shin do you mind confirming the version of the revit connector you are using? and can you repro this on either empty revit scene (assuming it crashes as soon as you hit the setting button) or with one/two objects as well?

The versions of Revit and the Revit-Omniverse connector I am using are as follows.

2023.1.3 Update released on September 7, 2023

[Revit-Omniverse Connector]
Build : 202. 1. 2503
Client Library Version : 2.38.8-hotfix.5105+tc.7c3abfa7
Date: 10-27-2023

Also, after creating a new project in Revit and generating one or two objects, I saved the setting values in the same way, and Revit shut down just like before.

After reading through posts on the forum, it seems that users who utilize OneDrive experience conflicts with the Omniverse root directory. I would like to disable OneDrive synchronization and retest.
Do you know how to check the root directory path related to the connector and how to completely uninstall the connector? I want to try reinstalling it.