Revit Connector Problem

Dear all, I have this message after I installed the Revit Connector. Do you know what is this and how to fix this error ?

@dangkhoa i am just another OV user, i have a few inqiries:

  1. are you getting that when you launch Revit?
  2. does the error persist if the connector is uninstalled?
  3. could you also mention the Revit and the connector’s version you are using?
  4. could you describe how your machine is configured? (personal vs corporate machine with strict permission setup, etc)

Hi, thanks for your questions

  1. Initially, I installed connectors while Revit was launching but after that I had already reinstalled Revit and installed Connects without launching Revit.
  2. The error would disappear when I uninstalled the Connectors.
  3. I am using Revit 2023 and Revit Connector 202.1.253