Install revit connector downloaded from web site

I downloaded revit connector from (Omniverse)
and these file that i received ,now how can i install them?
i cant find any setup file, seems must be copied somewhere but i don’t know where
also the launcher didn’t download the file so i decided to download from web site
that is launcher eror given
Error occurred during installation of Autodesk Revit: request to failed, reason: Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established
launcher.log (371.2 KB)

@ali.naghib98 i am just another user, and i would suggest installing any connector through the OV launcher while that application (revit, in your case) is closed out to help streamline the installation process.

that said, let’s see what can be done to address the installation issue from Launcher. is your computer behind a corporate/enterprise firewall or security, or is this on a personal machine? if the former, see if the company IT can open the ports or make firewall exceptions to allow end-point access to the url needed by OV. if the latter, try truning off any antivirus/ windows defender/ firewall temporarily on your system and see if the installation goes through.

Yes you right, installing from launcher absolutely better but I Think there is problem with my internet ,Because of this i decided to use this way.
it’s personal machine turning off antivirus/ windows defender/ firewall didn’t help
There must be a way to install connector from this way, otherwise they wouldn’t allow downloading from the site

and, just out of curiosity, did you just install OV launcher or have you been using it? if you just installed, i would suggest to reboot and when you log into Windows, go directly to the connector download. also make sure you have installed the nucleus service and nucleus server (likely a localhost), if you are wanting to use the revit connector in conjunctionwith another OV app like Composer.

i installing this app a few hours ago ,recently getting know about this app, i really don’t know how to use it but it seems nice to use for architecture.
first thing I do after installation searching a way to connecting into revit to see can i learn this app, and then faced to this problem and i think my learning process end very soon :)
rebooting didn’t help
how can I install nucleus service and nucleus server
just have this app

ah, i see. here is a post where you can follow the instructions on how to set up your nucleus service and a local server:

even can’t create a local :(

intersting, let me take another look at the log you uploaded

Are you still having issues with Installing Nucleus on your local machine ? It should install no problem if you have successfully install other apps.