RGMII->SGMII phy linux kernel support

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I have three board setup according to the picture pasted below. I have a control board which integrates a nxp processor, a backplane and an Nvidia AGX Xavier module. I would like to connect the Xavier module with the processor via a backplane SGMII link. The Xvaier module only have a RGMII interface.Because of this, i would use a Marvell 88e1512 phy(like in the devboard) to do the rgmii->sgmii conversion.

My question is that, what and how should I edit the linux device tree nodes to get this setup work? Or is there any linux nvidia documentation or application note about this topic?

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Sorry that we don’t have experience of sgmii mode. Could you check with Marvell and see if they provide configuration?

Yes, they provide this, so the hardware can do this converting. I am qurious about Nvidia linux driver is able to configure the phy to work in this mode? If yes, then how is it possible to configure the driver from device tree to configure the phy this way.


Hi @ kristof.tunner
I have same problem.Your problem has been resolved?