Roadrunner on Drive Software 8.0


I tried to install Roadrunner on Drive Software 8.0.

However, when I followed the steps to install Roadrunner, I got the error message:

cd /root/apt-repos/binary-DWx
bash: cd: /root/apt-repos/binary-DWx: Permission denied


Dear gaohua,

If Drive Software 8.0 is installed via SDKmanager, Roadrunner already is installed on Drive AGX.
Could you please help check /usr/local/driverworks/apps/roadrunner/bin/in Drive AGX?
And please try to run roadrunner in the same folder.

Hi mania91,

At my directory /usr/local, I only have the following folders:

bin driveworks games man src
cuda driveworks-1.5 include sbin Tegra-Graphics-Debugger-2.6
cuda-10.0 etc lib share

There is no “driverworks”


Dear gaohua,

It looks like you checked the directory in your host PC.
Could you please check the directory in you DriveAGX not your hostPC? Thanks.