rollback to Jetpack 4.2


I would like to reflash my TX2 to roll back to Jetpack 4.2. This is because i found no support to install Realsense SDK on Jetpack 4.2.1. Is this possible with Nvidia SDK manager?

It looks like the archive needs to be updated to show 4.2. When available it should be here:
(4.2.1 is very recent, looks like 4.2 didn’t get to the archive yet)


I have alerted the SDK Manager team about the 4.2 version missing from the archive page.


Thanks for the feedback!

Do you have any idea when we can expect the jetpack 4.2 version to pop up in the archives?


the sdk manager team need to work a lot because i tried to install in 2 computers with ubuntu and no one finished to install my jetpack 4.2.1

I solved the problem.

In the current SDK there is a option to chose target software. Simply chose 4.2 instead of the preselected 4.2.1. This will download and install jetpack 4.2 on your jetson system!

Jetpack 4.2 has been added to the archive.