RTC interface validation with xavier NX


I am currently validating RTC interface with Xavier NX device.

Scnerio-1: Update hwclock time based on system clock

Output: I am not able to update hwclock same as system clock. Can you please help us to update hwclock value same as system clock?

Scnerio-2: Update system clock based on hardware clock

Output: These commands are updating the system time same as hardware clock time. But after reboot, it will update with the latest or current time.

I am attaching dmesg logs related to RTC interface.

Please help me to validate RTC interface with xavier NX. Our requirement is, hardware clock and system clocks are in sync.

Thanks and regards

Please try to change the “ATTR{hctosys}” to “0” in /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules.

SUBSYSTEM==“rtc”, ATTR{hctosys}==“0”, SYMLINK+=“rtc”
SUBSYSTEM==“rtc”, KERNEL==“rtc0”, SYMLINK+=“rtc”, OPTIONS+=“link_priority=-100”

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