RTX A6000 device not found

I basically have a similar problem as described here,

RTX A6000 on Ubuntu 20.04 - SMI: No Devices Were Found - Graphics / Linux / Linux - NVIDIA Developer Forums

but have been unsuccessful in resolving it given the guidance from the closed posting.

I have a Dell Precision T5600 with BIOS version A19 and Ubuntu 20.04.4 installed. I currently have a Quadro K2000 and a brand new RTXA6000 in the system. When running,

sudo lspci | grep -i nvidia

only the K2000 is discovered. The K2000 is working just fine and supporting my dual monitor setup.

The Dell bios is less than helpful in the context of the above forum posting. I was unsuccessful in booting from an Ubuntu 20.04 Live disk created with RUFUS and UEFI support. I turned off legacy boot and the RUFUS USB disk is not recognized.

The display mode selection tool was unsuccessful because requires me to unload the nvidia driver before proceeding. I can’t do that because the K2000 is being used for my display… the suggested command fails.

I’ve lost lots of time on this. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (354.9 KB)

The CSM doesn’t provide enough resources to drive two graphics cards. Please disable CSM, enable “Above 4G decoding” in bios, then reinstall in EFI mode.
To create an efi-bootable usb thumb drive, you can simply use dd to transfer the ubuntu image to the thumb drive if rufus doesn’t work.

That’s part of the problem. I don’t know how to disable CSM or enable “Above 4G decoding” in the Dell Bios… It doesn’t use those terms.

I can’t find a manual for the BIOS online. Next time I’m in the lab I’ll take pictures of all the BIOS pages so we can try and pin down what to change.

Doesn’t matter. Since the A6000 doesn’t show up in the system logs at all, there’s a deeper issue. Seems like the bios is not detecting it at all. Please make sure it’s not broken by testing it in another system, check if it works in another slot.

Looks like I pulled a complete noob move. I didn’t have the card powered correctly… :-/

I’m up and running just fine now…