RTX LIDAR SDG without Script editor

Hey all,

I’ve finally got the RTX Lidar working via the script editor method in Marks video. Super helpful!

I want to run everything from when the USD is loaded and not load via the script editor.

If I open the USD the SDG graph is no longer there and if I try to run the script editor code after it has been saved with the RTX running it gives an error something about graph doesn’t exist.

I dont need ROS I can rip the data straight from the point cloud data on the lidar node.

I’m going to sit and have a play making my graph following the example in marks video. Got a feeling it wont be this simple but I’ll report back on that.

Because I need to build a graph to export the SDG pipeline I dont want to have to build it every time I load the file.

Just wanted to say thanks for all this as this is something I’ve been working on for years and finally making real progress.

Props to the full team!

Kind regards,


Little more info

I tried building the graph and sensor from scratch.

I opened a RTX lidar via

Create->Isaac->Sensors->RTX Lidar->Rotating

Then copied the action graph from Marks example

I cant find how to select the sensor so that it delivers the output of the sensor just created.

I can make the graph but I dont know where to link the sensor to the graph?

I’m trying to make this from scratch