RTX Path Tracing SDK Multi-GPU support?

Hi, I was wandering if there are any plan to add support for DirectX 12 explicit multi-GPU support to the RTX Path Tracing SDK. To my knowledge, the only mGPU capable real-time raytracing and real-time path tracing engine is Nvidia Omniverse but, it can not be used to ship a packaged game and there are no games, to my knowledge, that support mGPU with even classic real-time raytracing. Will the RTX Path Tracing SDK change this in the future and bring mGPU support to real-time path tracing?
Thank you

This is something we could consider and can prioritize based on feedback! Main path tracing is relatively trivial to parallelize to multiple GPUs via tiling or similar approach, but denoising and the rest of the post process pipeline would take more effort.


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