RTX3080Ti Founders Edition HDMI 2.1 port repair/replacement

The HDMi 2.1 port on my 3080Ti was damaged when my CPU slid-off a 1 foot pedestal. As a consequence, the HDMi cable was pulled out forcibly at a bad angle.Damaged HDMI 2.1 Port

CPU and case survived, and the GPU is still functional via DisplayPort.

Would anyone know the specific HDMI 2.1 Port/Receptacle I need to order from RS Online or DigiKey to repair the GPU? I

Hi there @davidcuenco and welcoem to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I hope you can understand that NVIDIA cannot give any official guidance on repairs like this. You should send it in to where you bought it and ask for RMA, even if you will have to pay for the repair.

That said, I personally would probably just go with a Display-port to HDMI adapter and make sure the broken HDMI does not create a short with the bent contacts. It will likely be cheaper and less stress. And unless you need all four Monitor outputs on the GPU, this should work just as well.

I hope you get the card up and running again!