Sdkmanager on ubuntu with WSL2 fails to start

I have Windows Subsystem (WSL2) running ubuntu 20.04. After installing sdkmanager when I try to get it to run, I get the following error message:

(sdkmanager-gui:85): Gtk-WARNING **: 12:30:57.174: cannot open display: :0.0

I have set the usual variables:
$ export DISPLAY=:0.0

The Xserver I have running is MobaXterm

My listening displays are: (localhost) (Realtek USB) (Hyper-V) (Hyper-V #2)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t think the WSL2 cn run SDK manager well, suggest to get a host PC with native Ubuntu OS. For TX2, please use Ubuntu 18.04.

WSL2 does not support loopback (it isn’t a full Linux environment) so it can’t work even if you have the X11 environment support (which is what the display “:0.0” is about, but you wouldn’t get much further even if you corrected this).

You’re absolutely right! I got the X11 support working. Got sdkmanager to launch, but that’s about it. It can’t communicate with the TX2 board. Anyway, I thru in the towel and switched to a separate Ubuntu host. Things are moving forward now. Thanks kayccc & linuxdev!

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