Secure boot on Xavier NX


I see that some of the forum users had problems with setting Secure Boot on Xavier NX. I want to make sure that this is possible on my device. I use NVIDIA JETSON XAVIER NX MODULE (Product code 900-83668-0000-000) SoM with carrier board (I suppose that carrier board type does not have any impact on Secure Boot?). I found on README_secureboot that it will work on devices with chip_id 0x19. I heard that problem is while using the non-production version without eMMC. I had eMMC and I can boot the system properly from this memory. So there are my questions:

  • How to determine that I have a production version of the device? Does it depend only on eMMC availability?
  • Where can I find the full, confirmed, and verified requirements list to enable Secure Boot on Xavier NX devices?
  • And finally: it is verified on NVIDIA JETSON XAVIER NX MODULE (Product code 900-83668-0000-000)?


Please refer to steps in this post:
Unable to burn fuses (dev kit) / no more output (serial/hdmi) / bricked? - #89 by DaneLLL

You would need to change BOARDID, FAB, BOARDSKU, BOARDDEV to Xavier NX. If it is 16GB eMMC embedded in the module, it is production module.

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