Segmentation fault with and my URDF file

I made a modified version of that loads and displays my URDF file. The file is attached to this message. In its current form, the URDF file will cause to get a segmentation fault in gym.simulate(sim). I loaded the resulting core file into gdb, and got this:

Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
#0 0x00007f9420c1cb95 in physx::Dy::FeatherstoneArticulation::setupInternalConstraintsRecursive(physx::Dy::ArticulationLink*, unsigned int, bool, physx::Dy::ArticulationData&, physx::Cm::SpatialVectorF*, float, float, float, float, bool, unsigned int, float) ()
from /mnt/nas/jim/software/nvidia/isaacgym/python/isaacgym/_bindings/linux-x86_64/
[Current thread is 1 (Thread 0x7f9439bf0740 (LWP 10821))]

If robot_seg_fault.urdf is modified so that the section labeled “This causes a segmentation fault” is commented out and the section labeled “This works” is uncommented out, displays the robot correctly. Please let me know if you need any more information about this problem.

robot_seg_fault.urdf (39.2 KB)

I tried to use to display robot_seg_fault.urdf with 1.0preview2, and I encountered behavior that differs from that of 1.0preview1. Now, instead of getting a segmentation fault, gym.simulate() hangs. <ctrl>c won’t stop the program; I have to do a “kill -9” from another shell to get to exit.

Hi @jim.rothrock,

I will take a look and get back to you.

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