Semantic Segmentation labels not behaving as expected

Hi! I have a question: I want to retrieve the following data with semantic segmentation (with Replicator of course):

{'0': {'class': 'UNLABELLED'}, '4': {'class': 'wheel'}, '1': {}, '3': {'class': 'case'}, '2': {'class': 'handle'}}

But instead when capturing the semantic segmentation it is labelled like so:

{'(0, 0, 0, 0)': {'class': 'UNLABELLED'}, '(140, 25, 255, 255)': {'class': 'wheel'}, '(25, 255, 82, 255)': {}, '(255, 197, 25, 255)': {'class': 'case'}, '(140, 255, 25, 255)': {'class': 'handle'}}

Does someone know what’s happening and how to fix it? I once managed to get it to work and I vaguely recall that I fixed it by adding a Ground Plane to the scene, but that doesn’t work anymore…

Can you provide a small repro code snippet on how you are getting the results?

Hi @rosalie_va - Are you still having this issue? If yes, then please share the requested info in the earlier post.

The annotators have an updated documentation, can you check if the described outputs solve your issue?

Annotators Information — Omniverse Extensions documentation (

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