Sending data from the Simulation to the SDK


I am developing some algorithms that need the speed vector of some actors in the simulation.

For that I created a UE4 class that watches some actors, but I got stuck in the transmission step, I already spent quite some time trying to figure that out but it does not look very simple.

Is it even possible? If so, how can I do that?

Hi Leo,

We do support sending the actor state (pose & speed) to Isaac SDK.


Hi Liila,

I think that the only way I can do this tracking is by creating an actor group, and then getting it through the ActorGroup/rigid_state node, correct?

The way I am implementing it I cannot put the actors in an ActorGroup because they are “loaded dinamically”.

Is there a way to get these informations withou an ActorGroup?

Thanks for the Help.

Hi Leo,
Currently there is no dynamic way to create assets and have data sent back to the SDK. They must be specified in the JSON config at the start.