Session not logging off when application has been closed


We are running Xenserver 7.5, Grid 6.2 en CVAD 1808.2. I’ve got Xenapp en desktop, in which i both got applications published. When i shut down the app on the Xenapp(on VMWare), it logs off the session. When i do this on the Xendesktop with P4 2q profile(on Xenserver) it keeps the session active, not even disconnecting it.

When i check the connection center in the Workspace app, it tells me that the nvidia settings stays open.

How can i keep this from passing through to my clients?

1808 is not tested /supported with 6.2 yet as it was released only a few days ago.


Installed Grid 6.3, which makes 1808 supported.

Session is still nog logged off when the application is closed. Tested with 2 applications, Word and Solidworks.

Looks like something from the driver keeps the session open.

And which process?
What are you doing? Published App or Published Desktop? If it’s NVTray there is a Regkey to prevent it showing in all RDS sessions.


Published App. Added the StartOnLogin Dword 0 in HKCU\Software\Nvidia Corporation\NvTray, but no changes


you should use the following location:



Hi Tom

Please determine which process is preventing the session from logging off, and add the process to the reg key:

Had the same problem with applications and added multiple processes to the reg key, like Kaspersky, Acrotray etc.

Regards, Cedy