Setting up RL training for quadruped (Unitree B1)

Hey everyone,

I’m currently working on setting up an RL training session to teach a quadruped to walk using IsaacGym Preview 4. So far, I’ve successfully loaded the robot’s model and tested the environment using joint_mokey. I’ve also been able to load terrain and set up the physics.

Now, I’m trying to utilize the IsaacGymEnvs repository to configure an RL training session. Specifically, I’m using the Anymal task for this purpose. However, I’m encountering difficulty in modifying the terrain used by this task to a custom terrain of my choice.

If anyone could direct me to the correct places in the code that I should examine, or provide an overview of how the task files are structured, I would greatly appreciate it.

Move on to Isaac.orbit, it’s the new version of LegedGym and much easier to use and has all the different types of Anymal.

I did look into setting up isaac orbit, but it requires quite a lot of setup with IsaacSim and everything. I ended up fixing my problems with IsaacGymEnvs and used legged_gym repo for enhanced training.

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yeah the installation is difficult but I think it’s worth it comparing to legged_gym, it’s kinda the new version of it.