Shader List

I have a couple of questions on shader lists with OpenGL.

I only have 2 shader programs in my code. When I do a frame capture it shows me 2 pxiels shaders and 5 vertex shaders that I can select and 2 pxiels shaders and 2 vertex shaders greyed out. The vertex shaders seems to be duplicates. What are all these shders.

When I set a breakpoint in the vertex shader, it breaks but does not have the correct vertex buffer attached.

if (Position.x > 10) 
     colour = vec4(1,0,0,1); // breakpoints here but the screen displays a green triangle
     colour = vec4(0,1,0,1);

I set a breakpoint in the fragment shader but it never breakpoints.

void main() 
 fFragColour = colour; 

This was my error; Nsight was showing the right buffer (I had set the vertex bindings before I attached the buffer in the VAO; the buffer bound when the bindings are done appears to be the buffer used when the VAO is next bound)

Is this issue related (same project?) to your other issue you have posted?


This is the same program. I have emailed you the code with the breakpoint problem. I am using this as a testbed for shader development and because the code is relatively simple I am using Nsight on it so I can learn more about Nsight.

This was more a general query about why there are so many vertex/pixel shaders in the list. Is this something I am doing?

See my private email as to my work around on breakpoints.

Unfortunately I still cannot get Nsight to stay conected when I use it on my main applications. That is quite a large project with lots of shaders using lots of features including geometry shaders, tesslelation, dynamic subrountes; but it is far to large to send (or be useful to you).

I’ve heard back from our engineers that the multiple identical shaders in the list is to be expected. Its a driver issue, and we cannot differentiate if they are the same shader or not.

I wasn’t able to reproduce any breakpoint issues with the sample sent to me though.

Thanks Jeff. The breakpoint problem might be from what I was doing. I am still getting the problem that I can’t set breakpoints I have emailed you 2 scren shots form the API event and theshader source when I clicked the “source…” button.