Directx12 Shader Profiler shows all shaders the same

Hi! I’m trying to use shader profiler in my raytracing project but it displays shaders in a strange way. There are multiple passes with different shaders and PSOs in my render pipeline, but ‘Shader Profiler’ window shows list of the one random shader every launch (see first image). It looks like all shaders belong to one PSO or something like that. Is this some kind of bug or am I doing something wrong? From my engine side I can’t catch any mistakes: all PSO are created from unique shader bytecode and shaders have different names. Surprisingly shaders look coorect through ‘Linked Programs’ window (see second image)! I’m using directx 12, win 10, Nv Nsight 2023.2.0.0, driver 536.23, RTX 2070

I have tried different dxc flags ways to compile shader but nothing helped me. Also tooltip shows ‘Multiple shader objects that alias in instruction memory’ but I can’t understant it. How is this possible if every PSO was created from unique shader?

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and sorry you ran into this issue. Are you able to try your use case out again using the latest version of Nsight Graphics which is Nsight Graphics 2023.3.0? You can download the latest version of Nsight Graphics, here Download NVIDIA Nsight Graphics | NVIDIA Developer. If you are still running into this issue then please ping me at so we can work together to get the right details from you to send to our Nsight Graphics Engineering team.