Sharing resources from D3D12 to OptiX

GPU API: DirectX 12
OptiX SDK version: 7.0
CUDA SDK version: 10.2
Windows 10 version: 20H1
Nvidia driver version: 450.82
GPU: Nvidia GTX 2080 Super

I’m trying to expose some of my render targets to CUDA so I can run the OptiX AI denoiser on them. I’m getting an error that apparently that’s not supported on my OS?

[Renderer] [error] Could not share scene render target: cudaErrorOperatingSystem: OS call failed or operation not supported on this OS This is the method I use to share my render targets with CUDA. I’m on Windows 20H1, with Nvidia driver 450.82. Is there anything obvious I’m doing wrong, maybe a setting somewhere I forgot to enable? Or should I ask on the Nvidia developer forums?