sim7600G-H developing on headless mode how to?

Hi I purchased the sim7600g-h board in order to have 4g connectivity and GPS signal for some projects on jetson nano. However I always program headless using localhost and jupyter with my PC. Since the SIM7600G-H instructions are for working and creating directories on the nano. How can I work with those directories headless since I only can open the classic dlinano project when entering headless mode

I noticed all the data about the sim7600g-h is sotred in: mkdir -p ~/Documents/SIM7600X_4G_for_JETSON_NANO
but how can I access it through my computer in headless mode and opening it in juppyter in order to get the libraries and code.

thank you

Sorry that we don’t have experience with sim7600g-h. Maybe other users can share their experience.