Sleep to wake latency - Jetson TX2 NX

Hi All,

I would like to clarify regarding the sleep-wake latency of Jetson TX2 NX. I tried to make jetson TX2 NX to sleep mode using the below command,
sudo systemctl suspend
And after sometime I wake up the Jetson TX2 NX by giving a low to high trigger at SLEEP/WAKE# pin of NVIDIA.I noticed that MOD_SLEEP# pin of NVIDIA goes to high state within 32ms after applying low to high trigger at SLEEP/WAKE# pin .Also I made a GPIO pin to high using a script ( script path is :lib/systemd/system-sleep) after wake up of NVIDIA to calculate the latency taken by NVIDIA to wake up from deep sleep.But GPIO is taking 3.3 sec to change to high state. If BT driver is disabled the GPIO will change to high state after 1.3sec . Usually How much time jetson TX2 NX will take to wake up from sleep mode?

If Jetson takes around 3 sec to wake up from SLEEP , can we have any other methods to reduce the wake up time?

Kindly support me .

Thanks in advance

Hi All,

Can somebody assist me with this?

Which bluetooth driver is disabled here?

Hi @WayneWWW ,

I am using the rtl8822ce driver .But without bluetooth module Jetson TX2 NX is taking 1.3 seconds to wake up from deep sleep
.I want to know usually How much time Jetson TX2 NX takes to wake up from Deep sleep?

First, this time is not something that we would measure for some kind of KPI. So there is no actual time I could share here.

Second, the method you are using to calculate time seems to be GPIO? If this is the method you are using, then we don’t have same comparison either.

Hi @WayneWWW ,

Yes I am using GPIO to calculate the sleep latency

Hi @WayneWWW ,

Can we reduce this latency time ?

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