Slow response

Hi, I installed OS and boot but it is too slow.(slow response)

I thought that was power problem, but it was not solved after changing power to 5V 2A.

Like this

Sometimes it turns off suddenly.

How can I deal with?

Hi rhgksqja,

It could be the USB cable of the USB adapter, sometimes these are not very reliable while using a low quality USB to power cable, like this one… . The resistance in the cable was causing the voltage to drop under load and powering everything off.

You may try to find another one to try again.


I changed my power to PWR+ PWR-TA05035N found in Jetson Nano Supported Component List. But it was not solved. Same.

Are there other solutions?

I fixed it. I just change micro sd card to Samsung 64gb, and re installed it. It works very fast and well!! Thanks a lot.

Good to know it’s working now.
Could I know what the brand and type of the problem SD card?

Lexar 64GB micro SD card. I just put the card out in my old camera at first.