SN2100 - Procedure to delete and recreate MLAG group

We have a SN2100 switches cluster (MLAG Configuration) and several 25G MLAG-groups connected to our hypervisors. However, we have changed one of them and the card we will use is a 10GB quad port card. The problem we have is that the ports on the card will not get up because the MLAG speed is at 25G and it cannot be changed as the physical ports do not have the speed at 10GB set/forced.

Reading the documentation, it reports that it is necessary to set the speed to 10G prior the creation of the corresponding MLAG.

I understand that it would be necessary to unassign each of the MLAG-group member ports, delete the MLAG, set the physical ports on each switch to 10GB, create again the MLAG on both switches and assign the MLAG member ports on each switch. am I right?

My problem is that the last time I tried to do this, it rendered a service disruption (maybe caused because I didn’t shutdown the member ports before deleting the MLAG port) and I would like to ask you if you can help me to confirm the MLAG deletion/creation procedure without impact and safely.

Can you please help us to find the best way to delete and recreate a MLAG group?

Hello Alberto,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Networking Community.

Based on the information provide, we recommend to open a NVIDIA Networking Support ticket as you have a valid support contract, by sending an email to

We will assist you further through the support ticket to make sure your configuration is validated and to provide you the correct procedure.

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