SOM Watt

Is there any command that can display the real-time total SOM power consumption in watts?

No such commands. You can use tegrastats command to show power of main rails.

The following two questions are for thermal testing:

  1. What is the maximum executable wattage for AGX ORIN?
  2. If we want to run SOM at the maximum wattage, are there any tools or commands available?"

You can search “nvpmodel” in forum and study thermal design guide doc in DLC for this. Each nvpmodel has its maximum power limit and will throttle performance accordingly.

Thank you for your suggestion.
The design did not see how to keep the agx orin executing at maximum wattage. My goal is to keep the agx orin above 40 watts to burn in.

Hi poke08121,

Please follow Stress Test for Orin section steps to run stress test that device can arrive 40W.

  1. Maximize the Device Performance
  2. CPU Stress Test
  3. GPU Stress Test

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