Sony VAIO Z31 (GeForce 9300M GS) no suitable driver for my laptop


I’ve bought recently a Z31 laptop and tried installing CUDA on it. However, the driver installation software says smth like “no drivers found suitable for your hardware”. It’s running Vista Business 32bit. I’ve tried 185.85 and 181.22 drivers.
The trouble may be that the laptop has two graphic cards (second is an integrated one by Intel) and some mechanism to switch between those - even on the fly, without reboot.

Has anybody tried this laptop and/or other other ones with the same graphic card? Any ideas how to make it work?

P.S. Also tried older 178.08 driver. This ones installs successfully, but limits the resolution to 1024x768 and doesn’t support external monitor.


I have the same problem with Vaio CS36MJ vista x64 , thats a shame cause I picked this notebook to be able to code on CUDA
Hope someone would solve this problem soon

I wrote to the support center in my country about this problem, and I’ve been told that the graphic interface(NVIDIA Gefore 9300M GS & Mobile Intel 4 series) of VGN-Z46LD(My laptop) is hybrid system implemented by sony for stamina/speed mode. So, we have to wait sony to provide a modified device driver enabling CUDA functionality. The support center officer said that he had delivered the message to development team. (But I think they would not quickly handle it…)