CUDA driver needed for Geforce 330M

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The CUDA drivers are unwilling to install on my Laptop, claiming that they haven’t found a compatible video card. I am using an Sony VPCF11Z1E laptop with a Geforce GT 330M video card. This video card is not listed as compatible in any of the “ListDevices.txt” files (containing lists of compatible cards) for any of the drivers, not even with the latest (beta) driver: cudadriver_3.0-beta1_winvista_64_195.39-beta_notebook. It seems that this card is newer than any of the drivers.

Is there a solution to this? I bought this laptop specifically to be able to work with CUDA, and now it seems that NVidia has no CUDA drivers for it.

Johan van de Koppel
Netherlands Institute of Ecology

Sony VPCF11Z1E
Windows 7 64bits
Intel® Core™ i7-720QM-processor
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 330M GPU, 1GB DDR3
500 GB 5400 HDD

Try 197.13 at - worked for me same configuration

After installing the suggested drivers from Laptopdrivers2go, the brightness controls, both manual and automatic, didn’t work anymore. Moreover, CUDA still didn’t install.

Again, I need help installing the CUDA drivers, not display drivers. The display works fine.


i believe you need to download the physx installer from nvidia, it is included in the nvidia driver, as the laptopdrivers2go don’t include it. d/l the nvidia display driver, cancel the installation and proceed to the directory where it expanded (c:/nvidia/displaydriver/…/PhysX…SystemSoftware.msi)

I have a Sony Vaio VPCCW26FX (GT 330m) with the same problems. The cuda app doesn’t works!

I paid for the video card, so I have the right to use it!


Where is the cuda’s driver for my gt330m?

I’ll post here every day to get an answer!

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See my reply to .

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