Sparkfun jetbot difficulties

hey everyone,

I recently assembled the sparkfun v2 jetbot. Instead of using the included pre-flashed sd card included with the kit I wanted to use the sd card I’d used to initially setup my nano. I’m using dusty’s jetbot_ros github docs to set up things but keep running into the same “I/O error” each time I try running the test script:

“rosrun jetbot_ros”

The soldered connections appear fine-in fact the selling point of sparkfun’s kit is that everything comes pre-soldered, ostensibly to limit setup bottlenecks. I noticed however that the jetbot_ros repo makes mention only of adafruit motorhat and driver libraries. This morning I cloned in what I think/hope are the correct supporting sparkfun libraries to get me going but I got the same “remote I/O error” when I re-ran the test script. Does the file need to be modified to include sparkfun’s libraries?

This is a tough issue to troubleshoot because of how many different potential problem areas there are going on here. I’m new to linux and embedded hardware so please go easy on me. Thanks!

Hi nbarrow85,

I can’t answer this due to no experience with sparkfun v2 jetbot.
Please contact with