Specifying multiple brokers with conn-str Gst-nvmsgbroker


Is it possible to define multiple brokes instead of one with the ‘conn-str’ of Gst-nvmsgbroker? It seems that there’s only one host available?



Multiple brokers can be used by using multiple sinks of type = 6,
but multiple brokers have issue which is about messages sent duplicated using DS 4.0.2. The fix will be in an upcoming release, you can find this topic which is about multiple brokers,


We’re not working with the config sinks. We use the ‘nvinfer’ object directly in our pipeline.

msgbroker = gst_element_factory_make ("nvmsgbroker", "nvmsg-broker");
g_object_set(G_OBJECT(msgbroker), "conn-str", KAFKA_CONNECTION_STRING_PRIMARY, NULL);

As far as I can see, this method should be updated to handle connection string with more brokers:


Yeah, multi brokers supported, config form or coded directly, both fine.
and please read comment 2# conscientiously.